Who tries out for a swim team without knowing how to swim?


I do

Unafraid of a challenge, and eager to learn new skills, I tend to dive into new opportunities, sometimes, quite literally. 

Midwest born and raised. I moved to the Denver area after earning a BFA in Graphic Design at Iowa State University. While there, I also focused on Digital Media and minored in Design Studies.

For me, the best designs are born out of research, purpose, and collaboration. They're cohesive, and work across multiple mediums. Yes, that all sounds very mathematical for a creative, but I've always lived in that middle ground of  wild imagination and organized logic.

When I’m not hidden away behind a computer, I can be found at a movie theater, playing bar trivia, traveling, drawing, finishing a house project, looking for inspiration, teaching myself some sort of craft, heading to a National Park, or spending time with my husband and three odd pets.

Also, to follow up on the swim team, I got on the team, became a lifeguard, a pool manager, taught hundreds of kids how to swim, and became SCUBA certified.