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Suit Up!


This is a four episode mini-series shot in L.A. with Marcy Harriell

for Bluprint's partnership with DC comics.

This series teaches people how to create some of

DC's iconic characters with DIY costumes.

Project Overview

My roles on this project: Illustration, Art Direction, Animation, & Motion Design

Full Episode



Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 1.34.22 PM.png

About The Process

This project was truly a team effort all the way through, and made me

extremely proud and appreciative of the talented people I work with.

I worked in tandem with Paul Kresge for the opening title animation. He built and animated it, while I created the illustrations and provided the overall design and direction of it. For the in-show graphics, we split up the duties: I created digital illustrations (based off of Marcy's initial design sketches) and Paul animated those segments along with the logo transitions. Cameron Hoffman assisted with the comic book style transitions and the character history sections. For the step-by-step comic book sections within the episodes, I designed and animated those. 

Also, yes, that is the ACTUAL BAT GARAGE used

for the final reveal in each episode.


Marcy Harriell Suit Up
Marcy Harriell Suit Up
suit up aquaman
suit up superman


Produced by: Brendan Wilkerson & Brandon Cox

Edited by: Marteene Diaz, Sydney Stevens, & Ben Turner

Motion Design & Animation: Paul Kresge & Cameron Hoffman

Talent: Marcy Harriell

Logo Design: Ashley Meyer

Photography: Dylan Osbourne

& many more BTS

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