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Project Overview

Below are two separate animations to reflect "Rules of the Game" for Synchronized Diving and the Modern Pentathlon in the Rio Olympics.

Modern Pentathalon

The five sports within this event vary greatly, and because of that I went with a more simplified flat paper style, but used color and environment to separate the different sports. To show the history parts of the recording, I went with a watercolor style- this also helped as there is a lot of information in a short amount of time.


Synchronized Diving

As most of the recording goes in detail about the math behind the scoring, and there isn’t equipment used in the sport, I went with a flat vector style. The colors used are blue, green, and yellow to match the rest of the Rio Olympics branding, as well as having the blue and green tones represent the water.

My roles on this project: Art Direction, Illustration, Animation, & Motion Design

Script: David Hunt

Voice: Mark Koebrich & Cheryl Preheim

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