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RE: Fashion


This is a five episode mini-series about seeing the possibilities and

opportunities in boring clothing. Watch and learn with Marcy Harriell

Project Overview

My roles on this project: Art Direction, Graphic Design & Motion Design

Full episode


Style Frames

Re:Fashion Marcy Harriell style frame

Above you'll see a style frame created in Illustrator that includes the

possible motion streaks to be added in After Effects. 

Slide through below for the rest of the frames created in Illustrator

Then, There Was Season 2...

Designing an update for Season 2 allowed me to implement some of the lessons I had learned from the first season. Because there was an established look and theme song, I was able to dig deeper, plan more in advance, and build it smarter. This eliminated a lot of the tedious typography design issues from the first season.


 For example, I was able to storyboard the title sequence ahead of time,

and request poses and video elements to tie in. 

There were still bumps along the way, but it was

a fun challenge to update a previous design.

Colors- Season 2

Full Episode- Season 2

Style Frames- Season 2


Produced by: James Clark

Edited by: Marteene Diaz

Talent: Marcy Harriell

Logo Design: Ashley Meyer

Photography: Dylan Osbourne

& many more BTS

Season 2 additional motion elements: Cameron Hoffman

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