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Ironcat Studio's firm belief is that the best final product is formed through clear communication, collaboration, and lots of research

Below you can find a general overview on the development, process, and delivery.

Note: This is general and subject to change depending on the project's timeline and needs.


Initial Conversation

Initial back-and-forth to discuss the potential project, Ironcat providing any pitch deck requested, client providing any visual inspiration or direction, discussion of timeline, pricing, etc. 


Agreement & Overview

Once it's confirmed the the project is "a go"

This is a written summary of the initial conversation. Includes: information on timeline, pricing, outline of process & notes provided, which assets are to be provided by client, and any additional details


Client Provided Assets

Client to provide any assets discussed in the agreement. Examples: script, voiceover, photos, logos, music, video, and so on (this will depend on individual project details)


Version One Delivered

Ironcat will deliver the initial version of the project to client for review 


Version One Client's Review & Notes

Client to review version one within time agreed upon.

This round is to make sure the project is on the right track: colors are great, no misspellings, and so on...

Notes should be consolidated into one email


Version Two Delivered

Ironcat will deliver the version two of the project to client for review. This will include all notes, adjustments, and corrections from client's first review.


Version Two Client's Review & Notes

Client to review version two within time agreed upon.

This round is to add final polish: all notes addressed, no further errors, and any last minute adjustments

Notes should be consolidated into one email


Additional notes?

Two rounds of notes is a standard (timeline permitting) if there are additional notes requested, they're available for an additional charge- generally both in time and money. 


Final Asset Delivery

Ironcat will deliver the final version of the project, which should incorporate notes from version two's review. 

The invoice will also be delivered at this time.



Payment is due within 30 days of final delivery. Invoice will contain any details including late fee. 

Ironcat strives for customer satisfaction. A large part of that is clear communication from

beginning to end- Something I can improve on? Questions? Don't be shy! Send me an email.

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