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Fashion Attic


In this mini-course, teen fashion designer "Ruby Mac" teaches young

sewers how to customize their clothing and create new wardrobe pieces.

Project Overview

My roles on this project:  Art Direction, & Motion Design




Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 12.56.51


Concept & Design

Ruby mentioned she finds her inspiration from fashion magazines, then cuts out pieces she likes, and puts them together in a mood board to help inspire her sketches.

For the show's graphics, I really wanted to lean into that by mimicking the rough cutouts of magazine pieces for any photos used. The motion is done in a stop motion style, representing the clippings coming together over time. Colors used represent Ruby's own personal style, as she uses a lot of primary colors in her own work.

Magazine Spreads

I created these "magazine layouts" to help illustrate various

projects or fashion styles throughout the lessons


Produced by: Karen Madasci

Edited by: Sydney Stevens

Talent: Ruby Mcaloon

Photography: Dylan Osbourne

Set Design: Suzanne Heintz

& many more BTS

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